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Mel script that create GUI for render with Mental Ray Stand Alone from Maya.


Change output image name, if empty untitled is used

Change render directory, if empty mi dir is used

Enable and disable frame buffer display(imf_disp)

Change verbose level

Change Scanline mode

Enable hardware shaders support (mental ray 3.3 or higher)

Custom command line

Change *.mi format file

Split animation to several *.mi files

Change *.mi files directory, if empty user/temp is used

Enable and disable cleanup *.mi and *.cmd files after render complete

Start render after mi export complete or only export, if you plan manual start your render later

Override Environment Variables

Support mrLiquid (by Gonzalo Garramuno)

Set Render Region

Set priority of render

Supported multipass rendering for p_MegaTK shader from shaders_p

Supported filtering for passes (mental ray and higher)

Supported Pixar Alfred

Known problems:

If group camera and transform group, transformations not inherit by camera during render (Maya 5 only, fixed in Maya 6.0)

Render layers not work(Maya 5, 6 and 6.01)

If change background color in camera shape, camera's custom texts will not be work, it result sytax error during render. Therefore Create Custom Text option will not be work(Maya 5, 6 and 6.01)

Notice! It is not script's bugs, it is Maya mi exporter's bugs. I already report about this bugs to Alias, hope they fix it in future release.


Copy pup_maya_2_mental.mel and pup_maya_2_mental_do.mel to ...\Maya\scripts\others\ or to ...\User's Documents\maya\scripts\

The dialog window is caused by mel command pup_maya_2_mental(3);
Render with last or default settings pup_maya_2_mental(1);
Render Current Frame with last or default settings pup_maya_2_mental(2);

Download ver 1.1.3 05.03.11
Download ver 1.1.2 04.03.11
Download ver 1.1.1 07.05.10
Download ver 1.1.0 02.03.09
Download ver 1.0.9 13.05.08
Download ver 1.0.8 20.06.07
Download ver 1.0.7 12.05.07
Download ver 1.0.5 15.03.07
Download ver 1.0.4 20.02.07
Download ver 1.0.3 25.12.06
Download ver 1.0.2 14.11.06
Download ver 0.9.8 03.02.06
Download ver 0.9.7
Download ver 0.9.6
Download ver 0.9.5
Download ver 0.9.4
Download ver 0.9.2
Download ver 0.9
Download ver 0.8.9

If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions please mail me to